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JYL Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities and resources for children and young adults to reach their full potential. Your support as a sponsor can make a huge impact in their lives and help us continue our mission. Your contribution will go towards providing education, health, and community development programs that will make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve. With your help, we can reach more individuals and create even greater opportunities for growth and success. We would be honored to have you join us in making a difference and changing the lives of those in need. Please consider becoming a sponsor today and help us make a positive impact in our community

JYL Foundation 致力于为儿童和青少年创造机会和资源,以实现他们的全部潜力。您作为赞助商的支持对他们的生活产生了巨大影响,并帮助我们继续我们的使命。您的贡献将用于提供教育,健康和社区发展计划,将给需要帮助的人们的生活带来持久的影响。在您的帮助下,我们可以到达更多的个人,并创造更多的成长和成功机会。我们很高兴您加入我们,一起改变生活,为需要帮助的人提供帮助。请考虑今天成为赞助商,帮助我们在我们的社区产生积极影响。

-永泰参茸行 YONG TAI GINSENG (916) 393-0333

-T&D PLUMBING (669) 899-6666

-泽林堂推拿 (408) 667-1043

-北加州顶尖房地产经纪 美房探长(阿文) (916) 801-9607

-装修林师傅 (916) 430-8732

-金陽生機超市 (916) 896-5689 8765 Center Pkwy D100 Sacramento, CA 95823

-Star Real Estate Group 华星地产 Mike Chen

-JH Advisory Group (916) 544-9016

-Eva Zhou 周琨瑜 Financial Advisor (916) 717-6295 WeChat: eva_zhoucn


-T&5 BAKERY CAFE (916) 682-3883

-装修师傅 锋 (917) 288-6683

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