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JYL Foundation Non-profit Organization

What You Need to Know

JYL Foundation provides more opportunities for children to perform on stage because the stage not only enhances their experience but also boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Every performance inspires children to practice more diligently and ignites their passion for performance and ambition, allowing them to combine learning and practicing for better growth and improvement.

With no obstacles in the way, the sky is the limit, the road is at their feet, and their dreams are in their hearts. A stage, an experience, a realization, and growth. The route to success has been charted, and JYL Foundation will help make dreams a reality and guide you on your journey.

JYL Foundation 用心为孩子们创造更多舞台表演的机会,因为舞台给予孩子的不仅仅是经验值的攀升,更多的是自信心的提升,对自我的肯定。每一次的舞台展示都能够激励孩子在台下更加用心地练习,从而激发孩子的表演欲与上进心让每个孩子都能学、练结合,得到更好的成长历练,从而越来越优秀。 天边的云,脚下的路,心中的梦,没有阻挡。一个舞台、一种历练,一次懂得,一种成长 。梦想的航线已规划,朝着成功的彼岸出发,JYL Foundation 助力梦想、为你护航!

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